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    Christchurch International Antarctic Centre

International Antarctic Centre

You don’t have to go to Antarctica to experience it. Simply visit our International Antarctic Centre for all the chills and thrills.

Experience real snow and ice, survive an indoor Antarctic Storm, learn about life at Scott Base, and hang out with Little Blue Penguins! There’s also the famously exciting Hägglund ride, an awesome simulated 4D cruise, Happy Feet 4D, plus heaps more!

Antarctic Storm Experience

Exchillerating fun at -8˚C! Experience real snow and ice in our indoor polar room, then brace yourself for an Antarctic storm where wind chill plummets temperatures to -18˚C. This storm blows through hourly.

Four Seasons of Antarctica

A captivating light and sound show, where it ‘snows’ every 6 minutes!

Experience a year in the Antarctic from endless daylight to endless darkness, you’ll also hear the stories and legacies left by the great Antarctic explorers.

4D Extreme Theatre

Two movies to choose from, with stunning 3D imagery and surprise 4D special effects – a multisensory experience not to missed!

‘ICE VOYAGE’:  All aboard… next stop, the Antarctic. Join this voyage of discovery, where you’ll see spectacular landscapes and get up close with the wildlife!

‘HAPPY FEET’:  Put your dancing shoes on and boogie with Mumble. This brave toe-tapping Emperor Penguin is on a courageous mission to save his family!

Penguin Encounter

See our rescued Little Blue Penguins (the world’s smallest), now that’s something to squawk about!

Our penguins are fed twice daily, join them for lunch at 10.30am and 3.30pm.

Antarctic Gallery

Learn about climate, wildlife, glaciers, life at Scott Base and all things Antarctic, and take your knowledge to the next level.

Hägglund Ride

Climb aboard and buckle up for a ride in our amazing amphibious all terrain Antarctic vehicles – the Hägglund!

Husky Zone

Get up close and chill with our Huskies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, they’ll also join you in the Antarctic storm if you are lucky!

And much more!

See Scott’s Hut, experience what a flight to Antarctic is like, or watch a short Antarctic film in our HD theatre.

There’s hours of fun for the whole family.


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