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Stewart Island Ferry Services

3 March 2019

"Good operators"

Totrue B, Auckland NZ, via TripAdvisor

16 February 2019

"Easy crossing"

LidT, Marazion UK, via TripAdvisor

7 January 2019

"Fast and reliable"

Visited Stewart Island with teenage son. Travelled there by ferry. Service was punctual and very professionally run. Something that is essential given the often challenging sea conditions in this area. A most enjoyable experience and one I would recommend.

greghJ2308TD, Hobart Australia, via TripAdvisor

4 November 2018

"Quick trip to Stewart Island"

We took the ferry to Stewart Island. It takes an hour on a fast ferry. The waters in Fouveaux Strait are rough even on calm days. I do get seasick but sat by a window looking out to the horizon and was fine. Great service by the team at both ports and on the ferry.

mollymes, Christchurch, NZ, via TripAdvisor

17 September 2018

“Fantastic Service”

Great way to travel from Bluff to Stewart Island. Our trip was lovely cruising at 20 knots in a lite sea.
Thanks for a great experience.

ColinO553, via TripAdvisor

2 August 2018

“The Island Ferry”

A great way to get to Stewart Island. Very professional operators and hospitable crew. Bar on board, plus tea and coffee and great scenery but can be a little rough at times.

Roy E, Invercargill NZ, via TripAdvisor

23 June 2018


The sea conditions on the trip to the island was very rough with large swells running but the skipper made sure we got the smoothest ride possible. The ferry itself was comfortable with plenty of room when seated. Overall impressive!

LXW, Whangaruru NZ, via TripAdvisor

19 June 2018


Lovely travel on the cat. A little rough for the other of our party that came over the next day but with wonderful staff on board and assistance, all was good. Even the non seafarers..would highly recommend

sooz03, Invercargill NZ, via TripAdvisor

6 April 2018

"The main way to get to Stewart Island"

This is a fairly straightforward ferry experience.  Stewart Island is absolutely worth visiting so this is kind of a must.  Pay the ticket price, load your baggage into one of the bins, then board the ferry.  We had fairly calm waters but was still a little rough.  I know some friends who traveled the day after and had very rough seas.  If you are prone to sea sickness definitely take some medicine or ginger prior to sailing. Otherwise a good experience with them!

mtingtang, New Jersey, USA via TripAdvisor

8 March 2018

"Staff at ferry station"

The crossing from Bluff to Stewart island is a major experience in itself.  If yo have not been on a modern catamaran boat (they do go fast), brace yourself - you might be in for a bit of seasickness ... but the sights and views are fantastic: breeding seabirds on the rocks, albatross circling ... the lot.  Friendly staff on the boat...tea and coffee complimentary (where on earth do you get THAT?).
But: main thing: I forgot my beloved SweatHoodie in the toilet at Stewart island Ferry St.  Called them and they sent it after me...would you believe that???
Soooo good on you guys rock :-)

ManfredG214 via TripAdvisor

4 February 2018

"Awesome service"

Exceptional staff, friendly efficient service.  Great bus and ferry service from Invercargill to Stewart Island.  Clean facilities.

Antarisha, Hastings, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

31 January 2018

"Awesome staff"

Enjoyed the trip there and back.  Staff were friendly and helpful, great team.  Captain was impressive upon return when crossing the bar.  In very good hands :)

kwitehira, Auckland, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

18 January 2018

"Excellent !"

We left feeling we were friends with the "Skipper" and the crew.  The boat/ship is a is all about the people!

nzmermaidnz, Wellington, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

5 January 2018

"Holidays !"

Fantastic service. The staff were really friendly and the bus connections were very smooth.   We were collected directly from Invercargil Airport on arrival and dropped to our hostel in Queenstown at the end.  Very easy .
I would highly recommend.

JEHudson123 via TripAdvisor

2 January 2018

"Good service and on time"

Both our journeys to and from Stewart Island is on time.  We had excellent conditions, calm waters way out to Stewart Island but the journey back was quite rough.
It was still quite good to experience the choppy water.

ynjl, Sydney, Australia via TripAdvisor

4 December 2017

Welcome to Stewart Island

Was picked up from the Invercargill Airport and dropped off at the wharf in Bluff.  An 'interesting' trip to Oban-wind and waves but we were all well looked after by the crew!!  Left and arrived on time.  Loved the bins for the luggage - most efficient.

dawnmcsea, Thames, NZ via TripAdvisor

31 October 2017

Smooth crossing

We were lucky to travel over on a fine day, and not much wind. The captain of the vessel was able to provide a commentary and points of interest to us as we travelled over.  The catamaran was clean.  Staff at both terminals provided excellent service.

Gee8246, Whanganui, NZ via TripAdvisor

6 September 2017

Comfortable and time flew

Was not looking forward to 55 min ride. Hey time flew and was there before I knew it. Comfortable seating Drinks and nibbles at reasonable price Chance to talk to fellow passengers.  Staff very helpful.  Toilet available.  Saw dolphins.

Chris P, Tuatapere, NZ via TripAdvisor

3 June 2017

Lovely clean boat, the sailing was fab

From an easy friendly phone call booking the night before to when we returned back to Bluff it was a great experience. Everyone working was engaging & super friendly/helpful.  Skipper & crew-who he introduced to us with their names was awesome.  Free tea/coffee & they even help you take it back to your seat.  Lovely clean boat, the sailing was fab.  A wonderful experience, thank you ❤ 

Visited June 2017

623suzp via TripAdvisor

19 May 2017

Fantastic service

Excellent service from the Stewart Island ferry company. We broke down en route to the ferry, and they were amazingly helpful on the phone reassuring us that provided we arrived before the ferry left we would get on it.
Lovely staff, spacious well maintained ferry.  Thanks so much for a lovely experience.
Visited April 2017

Rachel N, Auckland, NZ via TripAdvisor

27 April 2017

Modern, safe and efficient ferry experience

The catamaran was clean, modern and provided a mixture of mostly individual seating with a few tabled booths (snacks can be purchased with free complimentary tea or coffee available from small bar) as well as outdoor seating- first on best seated!

School holiday periods usually have a special deal where a child travels free with a paying adult, which was great for our group. At $135/adult return trip we thought this was pretty good value and it was a unique way of seeing the mainland as well as other islands including Stewart Island from a different vantage point... and it sure beats swimming!!
Visited April 2017

CanterburyMalo, Canterbury, NZ via TripAdvisor

13 March 2017

Awesome trip across the strait

A good trip to Stewart island and back. A little rough but added to the ride. Recommend to all visitors to the Deep South.
Visited March 2017

chrism06081EE via TripAdvisor

16 March 2017

Quick trip...

Our trip over and back was so calm... staff were friendly and very helpful ... nice way to meet travellers visiting the island.
Visited March 2017

B N, Bunnythorpe via TripAdvisor

15 March 2017

Oh so smooooth

Been told all kinds of tales about this trip but we couldn't have asked for better. Smooth fast trip with places of interest pointed out.  Friendly staff very helpful. Booked wrong date and they were very kind and rebooked for right day at no extra cost. Thanks ferry people you were great.
Visited March 2017

Bronwyny52, Blenheim, NZ via TripAdvisor

15 March 2017

On time and friendly staff

Our captain narrated the interesting bits of the crossing and we even detoured a bit to watch an oyster ship being up its trawler full of oysters.  Somewhat choppy water but the ferry was right on time.
Visited March 2017

SarahS via TripAdvisor

18 January 2017

A great way to travel

On a good day you can get great photos of the sea birds soaring over the straight sit back and relax with a wine or tea and coffee.
The staff are friendly and helpful.  Only one hour from Bluff this is a great way to arrive at the Island.

Visited January 2017

Alex1522, Stewart Island, NZ via TripAdvisor

18 January 2016

Does the job

We had a very smooth crossing to Stewart Island, and a slightly more bumpy ride back to Bluff. The ferry is comfortable, and we saw plenty of wildlife - albatrosses and shearwaters - from the windows.

SaveTigerNorthants, UK via TripAdvisor

5 January 2017

Great crossings

We were picked up as organised from our accomodation in Invercargill and delivered to the Bluff port. The ferry crossing going to Stewart Island was pretty calm and uneventful.  Free tea and coffee offered onboard and the captain gave commentary on points of interest.  Coming back to Bluff the crossing was quite rough but the boat and captain could obviously handle the conditions so I was not concerned at all. Departure lounges at both ports were good and had brochures on local attractions.

Visited December 2016

Rosieej, Blenheim, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

29 December 2016

Safe and value for money

Foveaux Strait is rough so no trip is guaranteed to be comfortable. What I got was a safe ferry operator who was sensible to cancel some sailings in bad weather. So what? We stayed an extra night and spent a little bit extra? The next day was still a rough crossing but we got back safely. The boats (different boat each way) were clean and the crew were top quality and did what they could to help all the many sick people (including my children). Thanks.

Visited December 2016

madryn, Otago, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

23 December 2016

Great service

As with many things on Stewart island the ferry company is a monopoly with no direct competitor but they do not behave this way. The service is prompt and friendly. Foveaux is a difficult crossing which we experienced both directions. The staff were alert to people feeling or being ill and very very kind discreet and caring to those who were unwell. Also friendly and happy to chat with others who want the skinny on life on the island. Awesome!

Visited December 2016

Whiritoa43, Auckland, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

21 December 2016

The trip over is a highlight

On the way over we went on a smaller boat which was great fun. It was a little choppy but there were lots of birds to see. On the return journey we were on a bigger boat the sea was calmer but it didn't seem to ride the waves as well as the smaller one. A place you would probably only visit once in your life so worth doing everything. 

Visited December 2016

RATZnz, Ashburton, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

18 December 2016

Smooth crossings

Very helpful staff. Open to all the questions asked about the crossing. Gave us a good tip for dinner on the island. Thank you.

AnitaCampari, Zurich, Switzerland via TripAdvisor

16 February 2017

Fast, efficient way to get to Stewart Island

Ferry was on time, fast, clean, comfortable. Crew pointed out sights and birds and sealife on the way. I left my camera behind and got it back on the next trip - this probably wouldn't have happened in the US!! 

Visited November 2016

Judith S via TripAdvisor

15 November 2016

Brisk wind, a bit bumpy early then relatively straightforward trip

Seamless organisation, meeting the bus connection from Invercargill Airport, through to Bluff then on the ferry across to Stewart Island.  A north easterly breeze meant there were a few white caps and a 1m swell.  It was a little bumpy getting out of Bluff but then really quite straightforward.  We did need to remain seated as the swell meant the boat moved a little unpredictably. I chose to sit out the back as I love the spray and smell of the sea and was not disappointed.  I watched an albatross play in the wake and soar and swoop which was a real highlight. I recommend the trip! (For those who get seasick, you would want to take some medication!  Staff were attentive and helpful all the way.)

Visited November 2016

MacrobertsonA, Melbourne, Australia via TripAdvisor

30 March 2015

Great experience

We took a day trip with the Stewart Island Ferry and found them to be very good. Smooth crossing both ways with pleasant and informative crew.

Visited February 2015

DaveD1941, Tairua, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

29 March 2015

On time and efficient

We parked our car at Bluff and took the ferry to the island and vice versa. The ferry is clean and comfortable with toilets (clean) on board. There is a bar with snacks and soft and alcoholic drinks on board at fair prices. The skipper was user friendly and happy to answer any questions. Very punctual and luggage loaded and unloaded very efficiently. 

Visited February 2015

Clayelect, London, UK via TripAdvisor

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