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    Sea Kayaking Kayak Doubtful Sound - 3 days
    Doubtful Sound

Kayak Doubtful Sound - 3 days

Day 1:

Your sea kayaking experience begins early in the morning with a short road shuttle to Manapouri to board a boat for the 30km journey across stunning Lake Manapouri.

This is followed by a road journey crossing the remote alpine route of Wilmot Pass to Doubtful Sound. On arrival you will change into paddling gear, pack kayaks and be given a full safety briefing and instruction from your experienced guide.

We begin kayaking from Deep Cove and we paddle down the main reach of Doubtful Sound, passing Elizabeth Island and Olphert Cove, watching for seals and penguins, stopping near Crooked Arm for lunch - a long first stint.

Afternoon paddling becomes more challenging in places - time to practise new skills. As we near the entrance to Crooked Arm, the weather will decide whether we cross into the Arm or camp in a river valley opposite its entrance. Our campsite in Crooked Arm is relatively close to the entrance, in a sheltered bay beside a waterfall.

On arrival at the camp site, you will set camp. As evening falls, enjoy the company of fellow paddlers as you each prepare your meals in the group shelter and enjoy the surrounding untouched, pure wilderness.

Day 2:

Stillness is normally the theme in the morning. The choice is to spend the day exploring Crooked Arm (30kms to its end and back to the campsite) or leaving the Arm and paddling to Hall Arm for the night (see 2 day tour above).

Crooked Arm is a long narrow arm with a definite turning point like an elbow and often the afternoon playground of the resident bottlenose dolphins - their presence can dictate our paddling timetable as can the weather! Time, energy and weather permitting we explore its length, stop for lunch, maybe a swim, sometimes put up the sails.

Day 3:

Departing early from Crooked Arm, we kayak down the southwest shoreline of Doubtful Sound, having lunch on a beach opposite Elizabeth Island, possibly a look into Hall Arm. A challenging morning's paddle with the weather being a determing factor affecting shoreline choice, lunch place and route into Deep Cove. Normally the sails are put up for the final stage, ending the 3 days on an exhilerating note or an America's Cup Challenge, kayak style!


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