• Sea Kayaking Kayak Doubtful Sound - Overnighter
    Doubtful Sound, Fiordland National Park
  • SEA KAYAKING Kayak Doubtful Sound - Overnighter

Kayak Doubtful Sound - Overnighter

"2-day kayak trip on Doubtful Sound in March"

Scenery and comraderie exceeded our highest expectations. Informative, delightful guide. Trip well-organized in all aspects. Joan E.
Visited March 2015

Joan E, Berkeley, USA via

"Excellent overnight kayak in Doubtful Sound"

Can't recommend this trip enough. We had 2 guides looking after a group of 4. Everything was very well organised - all transport and equipment are provided. The guides Tara and Logan were absolutely fantastic - even though Logan had only just started! Friendly, knowledgeable, passionate about the great outdoors, clear instructions.

Don't forget to bring good insect repellant. And be prepared for a bit of a hike to the start of the bay where you start kayaking and carrying kayaks short distances.
Visited December 2014

Daphne Y, London, UK via

"Kayaking in the Doubtful Sounds with a great guide"

Kayaking in the Doubtful Sounds with a great guide and because of being the only kayaking company out there - no tourists!
Reviewed March 2013, 10/10

Anja S, Germany via Rankers

"It really is a beautiful area to travel"

We did the 2-day/1-night kayak in Doubtful Sound.  It really is a beautiful area to travel.  Our guide was excellent - fun and informative.
Reviewed January 2013

jthurely, Australia via Rankers

"Kayak adventure and fun"

We did the 2-day/1-night kayak in Doubtful Sound. It really is a beautiful area to travel. Our guide was excellent - fun and informative. The only issue we had was the sandflies which can't be controlled - though a sandfly free tent has been set up by the tour group for entertainment which was excellent to be able to sit with everyone, chat, eat and have a couple of drinks.
Visited January 2013

hurlator, Brisbane, Australia via

"Scary in parts, stunning all the time!"

This was the part of the trip to NZ that I was most apprehensive about on two counts a) wild camping and b) kayaking in such a large body of warter. I am so glad I did this trip despite a few wobbly (literally in rough water and my fear factor) hours on the first morning as we crossed what were to me quite strong currents. Luke, our guide was great and I forgave him for telling me I had a "scardey face on"! The scenery was breathtaking and so remote , I feel honoured to have visited such a spectacular location.

The journey to get there was part of the whole experience with the boat trip across the lake and coach trip to the Sound. On arrival at the water's edge we were well briefed on the kayaks (two person ones, often referred to as "divorce boats" - I wonder why....) and provided with full kit.

We stopped for lunch after two hours and then enjoyed a very peaceful two hours kayaking down one of the side arms of the Sound, eventually ending up at our camp for the night. The camp was well set up and I actually enjoyed the experience. We were lucky to be with a really great group of people from different parts of the world. Our Australian friends on the trip had it sussed when it came to food and the rest of us had "pasta envy" as we ate our backpackers dried food - yuk. We were on the water very early next morning and spent another four hours kayaking. Sadly the dolphins did not come to see us but I would highly recommend this experience but you do need to be a bit tougher minded than me in terms of sea conditions in order to fully relax.
Visited December 2012

scout6010, England via

"2 days of spectacular beauty and wildlife"

I paddled Doubtful sound with Fiordland Wilderness Adventures on their two day trip. A kayak is a pretty special way to see such a beautiful place. From the top of the Wilmont pass the view down into the fiord we were about to kayak was stunning, later on, there we were on the water taking in the view from the water. Doubtful Sound is far quieter than Milford sound due to it's remote location so there was very little 'human' noise to detract from the experience.

On top of Doubful's scenic beauty we were lucky enough to see Fiordland Crested Penguins and a dolphin and her calf! Kayaking along with just the splash of paddles hitting the water and two dolphins coming up to take a breath isnt a sound or sight Im likely to forget. Our guide was informative and a cheerful, the tents provided were good quality and the sanfly shelter at our camp was a godsend! This trip is ideal for people who like the outdoors and dont mind pitching tents, using thermarests and long drop toilets. If you are a 5 star feather bed type you might not cope with the accomodations or making your own bed and dinner but you are going to miss out on something quite special!
Visited November 2012

Lake Wanaka i-Site, New Zealand via

"Overnight sea kayaking to Doubtful Sound

Overnight sea kayaking to Doubtful Sound.  Had to supply own food.  Good fun, well organised, informative, challenging but fine for a fit beginner. Was with a good bunch of people.
Reviewed Febuary 2012, 8/10

Pete & Pat, England (Feb 2012) via Rankers

"Great way to see Doubtful Sound"

We had a nice paddle despite the bad weather. Great guide and the company does a good job providing you with the clothes necessary to stay comfortable. I agree with the other reviewer that you should come prepared for the sandflies as they were quite vicious!
Reviewed January 2012

leahm07, USA via

"Two day kayaking in Doubtful Sound"

We had to great days with Matt, our Guide, in the Doubtful Sound with kayaking. There is no better way to explore the Doubtful Sound than a Kayak. The silence, the steep mountains and the dark waters make this trip unique. Take a lot of insect repellent with you, there are some black flies out there and be prepared for real bad weather....
Visited November 2011

lemongras via


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