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View kiwi in the wild - Stewart Island Book now Stewart Island
Group walking through bush in Stewart Island Group walking through bush in Stewart Island
Stewart Island Wild Kiwi Encounter Book now Stewart Island
Kiwi on a beach during the Wild Kiwi Encounter at Stewart Island Kiwi on a beach during the Wild Kiwi Encounter at Stewart Island
Stewart Island Wild Kiwi Encounter Book now
Sunset on Stewart Island Sunset on Stewart Island
Stewart Island Wild Kiwi Encounter Book now

Stewart Island Wild Kiwi Encounter

14 March 2019

"Exceptional Tour! Just do it!"

Beyond the fact that we did indeed see the elusive Kiwi on this tour, I want to thank Real Journeys for creating such a well structured, professional tour. Our Guides Ollie and Johnny were superb. As a tour guide myself, I was blown away at how good these guys are. Such excellent knowledge on everything to do with Stewart Island and the Kiwi Birds. They were obviously passionate too and living their dream on this mighty Island! Everyone should spend the coin and do this tour!!!

Kiwinesstours, Matakana NZ, via TripAdvisor

10 January 2019

"Magical night"

This is a very different type of tourist experience. Leaving by boat at 9pm we were lucky enough to see seals and penguins along the way. Then a two hour tramp around in the bush with two excellent guides, Erin and Robyn, and we saw two kiwis going about their nightly business very close up. Arrived back at our accommodation about 1.30am exhausted but very happy. Highly recommended but you need to be reasonably fit and mobile.

ODW300, Wellington, NZ via TripAdvisor

20 December 2018

"Fantastic experience"

This was a truly fantastic night. From start to finish our guides impressed us with their passion for and knowledge of NZ flora and fauna and their easy, relaxed manner. On the way to see kiwi we were able to spot both yellow-eyed and blue penguins and seals. We were also lucky enough to watch a pod of dolphins following alongside the boat. Our guide Johnny then took us out for a couple of hours in the bush which ended up in us seeing a male kiwi. So magical. Johnny’s enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge and ability made the trip a really special experience. Well worth every penny and a trip I would highly recommend.

LisaC7765, via TripAdvisor

8 December 2018

"Amazing experience"

What an incredible experience this trip was, and our guides really made it for us by being so passionate about the job they were doing. We were so lucky on our trip and actually got to see 3 kiwi, one even walked right in front of us which was amazing and so special to see, especially in their natural habitat. The whole trip is around 4 - 5 hours in total which includes a 1.5hr return boat trip and then a guided walk to spot the kiwi. I would advise wearing appropriate walking shoes and dressing warmly as you are walking on tracks/the beach for a few hours. 
It's well worth the money and a must do if you're visiting Stewart Island!

Katherine P, Queenstown, NZ via TripAdvisor

15 October 2018

"Opportunity of a lifetime"

There are not many places in NZ offering the unique experience of seeing kiwi's in the wild and Stewart island is the perfect environment. The bush walk was easy and informative and to see two kiwi feeding on the beach was a huge bonus. Thoroughly enjoyed to tour and the guides were experienced and enthusiastic.

Paradise826669, via TripAdvisor

3 October 2018

“Such a wonderful adventure”

This was just an amazing time, from the background lecture to the additional things we saw like deer, albatross, penguins and of course the kiwi. Have to say that I enjoyed the walk through the Forrest and clear moon and star filled sky so much.

Colm C, Edinburgh UK, via TripAdvisor

21 September 2018

"Great trip run by qualified guides!"

We left Stewart island at dusk and first reached the edge of a first island where we saw a yellow-eyed penguin (from far though, but since they are super rare, it’s better to leave them in peace!). Then we reached another island and started walking super quietly on a track in the forest. We were 7 guests walking one after the other with 1 guide ahead of us and 1 guide behind us. I was walking just behind the first guide so I saw very well the female kiwi peacefully crossing the track. That was amazing! Then we exchanged places in the queue so everybody could get a chance to see the kiwi. We continued our way to a beach where we kept on looking for kiwis. The guides had special binoculars to see at night and that’s how they spotted a second male kiwi that we watched for maybe 5 minutes while he was searching for food. At that stage everyone was satisfied. We looked at the tracks of the kiwi and started heading back. While entering the forest, we saw a third kiwi, a young one. That was more than we expected! 
All in all, a very good experience. The staff was friendly and qualified, and you can get partly refunded if you’re not lucky enough to see a kiwi.

Laura J, via TripAdvisor

2 April 2018

"An awesome experience! "

Normally when it comes to pre-booked events I am unlucky............. However once we hit the moonlit beach we quickly came across 2 hungry Kiwi.  Ian kept them in his red light beam so we could view them without disturbing them although they seemed oblivious to us for the most part.  We inspected their tracks and even some sandhoppers that been missed.   I was excited to get close and get some great photos and a couple of films with only a standard digital camera. 

Bokke_on_tour, Birmingham, Cape Town via TripAdvisor

23 March 2018

"Extraordinary experience!"

First time to see kiwi and they are so adorable. Maybe it’s a bit expensive but you also get lots of information from the trip. Highly recommend!!

NicoleChiu, Te Anau, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

12 February 2018

"Fantastic experience!"

This trip is a great experience if you’re interested in wildlife. Our guide ‘Jonny’ was very knowledgable and obviously passionate about kiwis so it was great to listen to the very informative introductory talk before the cruise.  Once on the boat we saw albatross before we even reached the island.
The small groups this tour takes makes sure everyone gets a great view of the kiwi - we just saw the one but down on the beach where we could all get a good view. The guide had fantastic skills and was able to track and hear things that the rest of us were unaware of!

Cherry S, London, UK via TripAdvisor

22 October 2017

"We saw two kiwi"

This was an excellent experience made even better by the sightings of 2 kiwi.  There were 14 of us in our total group and once we arrived at our destination, we were split into 2 groups - sadly the other half did not spot the kiwi.  This really was a great overall experience, starting with the boat trip to the island and spotting 3 species of penguin.  The company provide the torches, but remember to bring waterproofs and shoes for muddy conditions.

dippy_sal, Invercargill, NZ via TripAdvisor

10 September 2017

Wild kiwi encounter

This was one of the highlights of our holidays in Australia and New Zealand over the last 2 years. We did see kiwi on the beach and in the bush as well as an excellent view of the Milky Way. Go prepared for all types of weather. We had lightning and a brief hailstorm as well as clear skies in the same trip!!

StellaWilkie, Brisbane, Australia via TripAdvisor

15 June 2017

Magical experiences!

I cannot recommend this enough! Saw three kiwis and a very over excited sea lion too. The whole thing was just great- an amazing walk through the woods in the dark, spotting a kiwi on the beach, getting so close to it that if we wanted we could have touched it, watching for 10 or 15 minutes as it caught bugs and dug in the sand.
The guides were fantastic, really knowledgeable, organised friendly and you could really tell how much they loved the birds. We spent ages after the tour chatting to them about the birds and the other wildlife, and it was lovely to hear all their stories. The guides were what made the trip so good! Would 100% recommend.

LemonPip14 via TripAdvisor

16 April 2017

Kiwi encounter

We had about 16 passengers in our group with two guides. When we arrived at the location we split into two groups. Almost immediately from the boat the guide sensed that there was a Kiwi close at hand so she let our group slowly through the forest. When we entered the beach she scanned the area for sea lions so we wouldn't be in danger. After 20 minutes of walking down the beach we came across a Kiwi foraging for a meal. We stayed with the Kiwi for at least 20 more minutes and got the 2nd group to share the wonder. After we left the beach and were walking back to the boat in the forest we spotted another Kiwi walking down our path.
It was a marvelous night of discovery.

Visited April 2017

David C via TripAdvisor

29 March 2017

Magical experience

This trip was a treat. We were very lucky to be able to follow a kiwi along the beach as it fed off sand hoppers and then it drank from a fresh water stream.  It was completely oblivious to our presence and because we could spread out in a line on the beach everybody could get a great view.  Our encounter lasted at least 30 minutes. Our group was very well behaved and quiet.  The guides Maia and Jos were both very informative and enthusiastic.

Visited March 2017

Jane B, Levin, NZ via TripAdvisor

11 February 2017

We loved this!

Prepare to spend 4 or more hours outside, perhaps rather cold and damp. Our wonderful guides found several kiwis for us to watch as they fed near the beach. It was a thrill to see them, particularly since one was within a few feet of our group. The kiwis were pretty much oblivious to us, as long as we kept very still and quiet, very intent on getting their night's worth of bugs. We were surprised at how large and fluffy they are.

Visited February 2017

Judy P, Caineville, Utah, USA via TripAdvisor

2 December 2016

Wild Kiwis

The night excursion was a full success. The staff very well prepared, knowledgeable hostile. The outing was relaxed, no rush and we returned well after midnight. The way is partially muddy, bring good shoes and binoculars not necessary.

Visited December 2016

Hanni R, Punakaiki, NZ via TripAdvisor

25 November 2016

Surreal and magical

I have no words to explain the wild kiwi encounter! Very surreal – currently basking in a post kiwi glow (that is a thing).

We hadn’t been on the track for long and a kiwi came up to one of the ladies in our tour group and nibbled at her shoes. We all got to watch and then it scampered off into the bushes. We thought that was it and then it came back for a second nibble!! Followed by it strolling (like a rock star) through the group and back into the bushes. It doesn’t even sound (or seem real) but that happened and I’m slightly jealous that Stewart Island locals see kiwis on such a weekly basis ........
Definitely a must try when you're in Southland!!

Visited November 2016

PenelopeHayes via TripAdvisor

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