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10 September 2018

Top five kid friendly trips

With school holidays just round the corner, here’s a list of our top five kid friendly trips.
24 August 2018

Time for a digital detox

Living in the digital age can be overwhelming, with much of our time monopolised by technological devices. Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound provide perfect conditions for a digital detox.
14 June 2018

TSS slips into survey

The day the TSS Earnslaw starts her annual survey is a day when the skills of the chief engineer, skipper, stokers and crew are put to the test
20 February 2018

That time I was a beautiful glowworm fairy

Glowworms. Have you ever heard of them?
11 December 2017

Stewart Island in a day

Want to go to Stewart Island but only have a day? As long as you’re prepared to leave early, exploring New Zealand’s third island in one day is completely doable and fantastically rewarding.
9 October 2017

Ten reasons why you should fly to Milford Sound!

Drive, coach or fly? Whatever route you choose, make sure you have all the tips before you do!
29 June 2017

Apprentice Chef of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Daniel Conceição who is a finalist at the Apprentice Chef of the Year awards this year
17 February 2017

Milford Sound: A Skipper’s Photographs

Chris Hishon has been a skipper in Milford Sound for almost thirty years and always has his camera at the ready
20 October 2016

What it's really like to do Milford Sound under the rain

We were promised rain. We were promised that Fiordland National Park was one of the wettest places in the world. They were right.
9 September 2016

From humble beginnings and a passion for conservation: How Real Journeys began

Les and Olive Hutchins began their tourism operations way back in 1954 with a remote walking track, a couple of old boats, two huts and a dilapidated lodge.