Feedback Terms and Conditions


Submission of reviews in the Real Journeys Ltd Review Competition (“the Competition”) is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”).

1.    PROMOTER: The Promoter is Real Journeys Ltd

2.    ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to anyone who has been on a Real Journeys Ltd product within six months of the date of entry only, except for employees and their immediate families, any person travelling with us for promotional or business related activities (including but not limited to agents, media, tour guides, other prize winners), charter groups, special events, group bookings, volunteers and members of the Board of Directors and their families of Real Journeys Ltd. Real Journeys Ltd reserves the right to verify the validity of all entries.

3.    HOW TO ENTER: To enter the competition, you must submit a review regarding a Real Journeys Ltd product that you have been on within the last six months through

4.    REVIEW SUBMISSION PERIOD: This is a bi-monthly competition. Reviews can be submitted up to the final day of second calendar month, any review submitted after that will be considered in the following competition. The competition period may be changed at the promoters discretion.

5.    REVIEW REQUIREMENTS: The review(s) must meet reasonable standards of decency. Real Journeys Ltd has the sole discretion to determine whether or not a review meets these requirements. The review must specify which Real Journey product the reviewer was on. While negative reviews will be accepted, any involving abusive language, racist remarks or anything else Real Journeys Ltd deems to be offensive will be ineligible.

6.    NUMBER OF ENTRIES: You may submit one review per Real Journeys product that you have undertaken during the Review Submission Period. You may provide a review for each of the trips you travelled with us.

7.    COMPETITION PERIOD: The competition will run bi-monthly, beginning on the first day of the month and finishing on the last day of the second month.

8.    REVIEW WINNER NOTIFICATION: The review winner will be announced after the date the competition closes. The winner will be notified using the contact details provided with their review within ten days of the announcement.  If after seven days a winner cannot be contacted, the prize will be redrawn and a new winner will be selected.

9.    PRIZES: The winner of the competition will receive the retail value of one full paying adult ticket of the Real Journeys Ltd product that that they have reviewed. This will be provided by bank transfer in New Zealand Dollars. The amount will be current retail rate of the product at the time of the competition completion. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, at times there may be some variance in the amount transferred. Real Journeys Ltd does not accept any liability for these variances or any subsequent credit card/bank charges relating to these transfers to customer's account. Real Journeys Ltd reserves the right to change the prizes throughout the competition. Any change to prize will be updated in the competition terms and conditions on the Real Journeys website/s.

10.    WINNER ANNOUNCEMENTS: By submitting a review for entry, the entrant hereby agrees to participate in any publicity related to the competition. Entrants and winners in the competition agree that their identity may be disclosed in winner announcements and promotional material. Winners also agree to have his/her review used for publicity purposes without any additional payment being made.

11.    PRIZE ELIGIBILITY: Real Journeys Ltd cannot be held responsible for the winner being unable to redeem their prize. In order to claim the prize, the winner must be able to prove to Real Journeys Ltd that they were on one of their products. This can be done by supplying booking details such as a booking reference, ticket, or other form of verification that Real Journeys Ltd deems sufficient. If the winner can’t provide verification that they were on a Real Journeys Ltd product, Real Journeys Ltd reserves the right to forfeit the prize and the competition will be redrawn. Real Journeys Ltd reserves the right to alter what constitutes verification, and may change this at any time.

12.    REVIEW USAGE: By submitting a review, the entrant agrees to allow Real Journeys Ltd permission to use the review for the purposes of promoting Real Journeys Ltd or the competition, now and into the future, at no cost to Real Journeys Ltd. The entrant also agrees to allow Real Journeys Ltd to use their review for printed collateral, online, in store and across other marketing mediums, at Promoter’s sole discretion and at no cost.

13.    REVIEW COPYRIGHT: In submitting a review for entry, the entrant declares that they have written the review and own and have sole and complete intellectual property rights to the review. The entrant will indemnify Real Journeys Ltd against any claim, loss or costs incurred by Real Journeys Ltd where a third party claims ownership of the rights to a review.

14.    CONTRACT LAW: All agreements and contracts shall be subject solely to New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

15.    ENTRY FORMAT: We regret that we are unable to provide individual feedback if it is decided not to take your initial review further.

16.    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Entries will not be acknowledged. Participants have the obligation to ensure entries are received on time.

17.    CHANGES TO COMPETITION: Real Journeys Ltd reserves the right to change the prizes throughout the competition.   Any change to prize will be updated in the competition terms and conditions and on the Real Journeys website/s.

18.    PERSONAL INFORMATION: The collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided in connection with this competition is governed by the Privacy Laws of New Zealand. Your personal information shall not be provided to any third parties without your prior consent but you do authorise Real Journeys Ltd to be able to contact you with information pertaining to the competition or related promotions.