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Milford Sound Milford Mariner Overnight Cruises 立即预订 Milford Sound
Cruise into natural beauty of Milford Sound Cruise into natural beauty of Milford Sound
Milford Sound Nature Cruises 立即预订 Milford Sound
Boat cruising in Milford Sound Boat cruising in Milford Sound
Milford Sound Milford Mariner Overnight Cruises 立即预订 Milford Sound


15 十一月 2015

"The best part of our NZ trip"

We did the overnight cruise in Milford Sound. We took a bus there, and impulsively took a plane ride back. Carl, the bus driver, who grew up in the area, was a wealth of knowledge. Our nature guide on the boat (Blaine?) was also excellent, enthusiastic. Both men were smart, too, which always makes things better.  The food was amazing - some of the best we ate in New Zealand. We saw penguins, seals, sea birds, and even a whale! The plane ride back was full of amazing sights.
All in all, one of the highlights of my life.

Visited November 2015

April H, Portland, Oregon via TripAdvisor

14 十月 2015

"Experience of a lifetime"

Took the whole family of five on the overnight cruise. The drive up from Te Anau was spectacular in itself. After an initial scenic cruise we moored for the night in a bay where there were activities including kayaking and a nature guided ride in the tender boat. Fantastic staff, very helpful and informative, the cabins were far more spacious than I expected on a boat this size and very comfy. Food was great - Bob the chef is a culinary genius. Scenery and wildlife were spectacular.
One of the best experiences of our lives.

Visited October 2015

Steve M, Newcastle, Australia via TripAdvisor

20 十月 2015

"Milford Mariner was fantastic!"

Milford Mariner was fantastic!!!!!
We had a overnight on the Milford Mariner and it was a Experience of a lifetime. The Nature Guide; "Blair" and the other crew members were all very friendly and helpful.
I highly recommend Real Journeys...they are exceptional!!!

Visited October 2015

Farshid P via TripAdvisor

26 十二月 2014

"First class cruise"

We took the overnight cruise on Milford Sound and it was fantastic.
Of course, Milford Sound itself is beyond description; so breathtaking. The cruise allowed us to be crusing in the sound for the entire evening and the next morning. We even got to take their little tender out on the water for some small scale crusing. We had excellent weather which also helped.
The crew was altogether very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable. The meals were very nicely done and served (but you're not really there for the food!!). The cabin was very comfortable; to was small as you would expect on a ship. 

Visited December 2014

Ted L, Colorado, USA via TripAdvisor

16 十二月 2014


This is beyond description, absolutely stunning & breathtaking & real journeys add more value to the beauty by making the journey so comfortable.  It is a must see & the highlight of our New Zealand tour, we loved every bit of it. 
I was a little apprehensive about the journey to & fro from Queenstown as we didnot want to make it a tiring trip.  To our surprise the journey was so scenic that we lost sight of time. 
The cruise was very comfortable, we had taken a twin sharing cabin.  The ship was not overcrowded at all.  The dinner & breakfast was a huge spread & the chef went out of his way & cooked a great meal for one & all.
The menacing mountains, the blue sea, water falls along the mountains, the sight of seals & dolphins made it an extremely enjoyable trip. Even now there are times when I close my eyes & try to relive those lovely couple of days of my life.  I along with my wife will cherish this trip all our lives.

Visited October 2014

Rafi3021, Jamshedpur, India via TripAdvisor

24 十月 2014

"Overnight on Milford Sound"

Unique experience staying overnight on the amazing Milford Sound on the Milford Mariner. The crew were really helpful and keen to make the trip something special. Dinner and breakfast are buffets with nice food. It was a friendly atmosphere and we got to chat to passengers from all over the world.
It did not matter that weather was overcast with some showers as it created hundreds of spectacular waterfalls.  We saw penguins, seals and were lucky to experience 2 dolphins who bow rode the boat for 10 minutes or so. Amazing creatures.
We drove to Milford ourselves after staying at Te Anau for the night. We did not find the drive too challenging but could see where landslides had taken place recently. Amazing rugged countryside.

Visited October 2014

SuziOzz, Sydney, Australia via TripAdvisor

28 九月 2014

"Magical Milford Experience"

We took the coach from Te Anau to Milford Sound, and from Milford Sound to Queenstown because we stayed for another night. The 2 driver for both coach were very helpful and accommodating as well. Along the way, they gave us time to explore the landmarks and take photos by stopping and letting us off the bus.
On board the Milford Mariner, the crew were all very friendly and accommodating as well. They try their best to make you feel at home. Activities include kayaking, swimming (if you dare - it was winter time), and exploring on board the tender crafts. Board games are also available on board for those who prefer to stay on the vessel.
The food was very scrumptious; they served buffet dinner and breakfast. Accommodations wise, the room was very cozy. We stayed in a double room with our own bathroom. The bathroom was smaller than the average motel/hotel size but it was clean and it catered to our needs so we were fine with it.
Overall, it was one of the best trips that we have gone to; it was worth every cent.

Visited September 2014

thetravellingpairNZ, Auckland, NZ via TripAdvisor

6 十月 2014

"A must do"

We did an overnight cruise on the Milford Mariner and loved it
The boat is fairly new and has about 25 cabins with en suite. The cabins are small( to be expected) but great for an overnight cruise. The ship has 4 decks the two bottom ones are the cabins then the restaurant/bar then above that the observation deck, plenty of room.
They have kayaks and 2 runabouts for getting close to nature, we went in a runabout and saw penguins and seals and got up close with the varied vegetation, all very informative and interesting. The evening meal was simple but substantial, buffet style, the bar had plenty of wine and beer to choose from. This is great way to see Milford Sound, the best way to do it.  We loved it and the cruise co is great in every way. 

Visited September 2014

Bruce K, Sydney, Australia via TripAdvisor

13 十一月 2014

"Overnight Cruise! What an experience of a lifetime!"

Did the overnight cruise and had a great time!
Service onboard is exceptional and really friendly and family like atmosphere. Crew really made sure you had a great time. Food was awesome! Our Cabin was nice.
We enjoyed having the opportunity to overnight Milford Sound and being able to enjoy the sound in all it's early morning glory!
A must do!! Great price for the cruise, don't even think about it!

Visited April 2014

anlof9, Ensenada, Mexico via TripAdvisor

27 四月 2014

"Milford Mariner overnight journey"

We were picked up from our safe park where we had parked for our overnight trip and taken back to the real journeys office which was a great service, we then boarded a comfortable coach and started our trip to Milford Sound. Our driver Steve was exceptionally knowledgeable about the area and his commentary during our drive was great to listen too, he didnt speak the whole time which was nice as it left us time to soak up the wonderful scenery. There were enough stops to break the trip up without being too many.
On arrival to Milford Sound we were greeted aboard the well appinted Mariner. The trip out to the sounds was fantastic, water sports were offered before dinner. dinner that evening was superb with an amazing array of food which catered for meat eaters as well as vegetarians. Dessert was amazing! Early breakfast as bad weathrt was predicted. Breakfast again was a huge offering of food. Tea, coffee & hot chocolate was available for the duration of the boat trip. Short trip into the Tasman with narrative about what we were seeing along with history of the area.
Overall a fantastic experience, friendly team who looked after our every need. My only suggestion would be that if you are traveling with young kids take food with you for the coach trip and also the return trip.

Reviewed April 2014

sahmkaren via TripAdvisor

7 五月 2014

"Overnight on the Mariner - Milford Sound"

We had an outstanding Milford Sound overnight excursion with coach transportation from Queenstown. Before we even left for the two-day trip, our trip coordinator, Leanne, and the staff in the Real Journeys office were very helpful answering questions and making us feel like valued customers!
Our driver and tour guide, Adrian, was exceptional! His knowledgeable commentary along the drive was just enough to share entertaining, insightful facts without being overbearing. Our whole party thought he was an excellent host! The check-in process for the boat was smooth, and our cabin was fine. I've read some reviews that did not compliment the cabins, but for a boat, the size should be expected!
The crew on the boat were helpful and we enjoyed kayaking, seal watching and the evening entertainment. The scenery is breathtaking, and because we had the advantage of staying for two days, we saw the rushing waterfalls spurred on by the rain, which also dusted the highest peaks with snow for our morning! We had clear skies by the time we docked, so the weather - good or bad - just adds to the beauty. The food was very, very good! My only suggestion is that it should last so much longer than it did! Thanks to all who made this a highlight of our visit!

Visited April 2014

MarfAtlanta, Atlanta, USA via TripAdvisor

19 三月 2014

"Highly recommended"

Milford Sound is spectacular and cruising on the Mariner was a delight. We were fortunate to have glorious weather and millpond conditions. Our cabin was larger than we expected and had a good ensuite shower. Dinner, at 7pm, was delicious and plentiful, as was breakfast, served at 7am. We stayed on deck after dinner until 10 or so, watching seals playing around the boat. In fact, 3 of them slept on the swimming deck overnight! Sand flies could be annoying, but copious amounts of insect spray/roll-on mostly keep them at bay (we were given some by our tender driver and kayak instructors). So long as you keep moving, the flies stay away. A small price to pay for such amazing scenery.
When we booked (some months beforehand) we felt the cruise was expensive, but actually it was worth every penny.

Visited February 2014

Helen256, Dunstable, UK via TripAdvisor

9 三月 2014

"Overnight Cruise - a must do"

I travelled with another couple & we were unanimous in our praises for the overnight cruise on the Mariner. The overnight stay was well set up, with options to kayak, hop on board a zodiac, or just have a quiet well deserved drink as part of the late afternoon activities. The meals were extensive & good quality with opportunities to catch up with fellow travellers. The morning trip out of the Sound was spectacular, as we saw Seals, whilst Dolphins played at the front of the boat. The scenery was awesome.
The mix of the guests ranged from couples, young & old , to families & everyone appeared to have a great time.Highly recommended.

Visited January 2014

Boze4Ever, Sydney, Australia via TripAdvisor

17 一月 2014

"Fabulous trip"

This overnight cruise was everything you want it to be when you book it. The ship was in great condition and fully outfitted, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and funny, the food was tasty, and the sights were, well...jaw-droppingly beautiful. We got lucky that it had rained a lot the night before so we were able to see a lot of the waterfalls that are only present during and after rainfall - but the weather cleared while we were on the boat and so we also go to see bright sunny skies as well.
I definitely would recommend this to anyone wanting the Milford Sound experience. And an added bonus was being able to live "off the grid" for a day or so, adding to the tranquil experience.

Visited January 2014.

Julie B, Chicago, USA via TripAdvisor

11 五月 2013

"Fantastic Overnight Cruise"

A perfect evening, clear and warm. Staff went out of their way to make you feel welcome. Beds were small but comfortable. Food was too good, went to bed feeling very overstuffed.
Morning was a little cold and had some rain but it showed another aspect to the view.  All up was very nice.

Visited May 2013

AlFewre, Sydney, Australia via TripAdvisor

7 五月 2013

"Exceeded Expectations"

We got to Milford Sound (Most beautiful drive ever) and boarded the Milford Mariner for an overnight cruise at around 3. We were greeted by friendly staff, and fresh-baked blueberry muffins which were delicious. Our private cabin was very clean and had everything we needed. We dropped our bags and, after a quick, incredibly scenic cruise around the sound, took some sea kayaks out for a spin. They also offered dinghy rides with the on-board wildlife expert.
Then it was in for dinner, I wasn't expecting much in the way of quality food, but it ended up being one of the best meals we had in our time in New Zealand, which is saying something. Huge buffet, fully stocked bar, incredible dessert... We ended up seeing an Albatross, Seals and dolphins playing under a huge waterfall. We were lucky enough to have very little rain, and lucky enough on the second day to have a clear, sunny day (Milford Sound gets 7000mm of rain a year). The sleep was perfectly calm, the boat wasn't rocking at all as we were anchored in a secluded cove. There were 60 people on board, but it never felt crowded.
The crew were friendly, informative and pretty entertaining! I don't think there is a better or more intimate way to see Milford Sound.

Visited April 2013

Ionionion, Toronto, Canada via TripAdvisor

16 四月 2013

"What a 'Wow' experience"

What a fantastic couple of days! We were picked up from our hotel in Queenstown by a cheerful driver who certainly kept us entertained and educated us all the way to Milford Sounds. The bus trip was very enjoyable especially with the comfy seats and the 'windowed roof".
Upon boarding the Milford Mariner we loved the whole experience! The scenery was amazing, the cabins were great and cosy and food was fantastic. Well worth it and we would definitely recommend this attraction for all ages.

Visited April 2013

Donna A, Hamilton, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

9 四月 2013

"Fantastic trip"

We did the overnight cruise on the Milford Mariner & would definitely recommend this for people of all ages.
The cabins were comfortable and the food was fabulous and endless. The staff were terrific and very helpful with everything. The chance to kayak was wonderful & again great for all ages.
It was wonderful to watch the dawn in the sound & much better than just an afternoon cruise.

Visited April 2013

Travel_pair24, Geelong, Australia via TripAdvisor


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