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Best Price Guarantee - FAQs

What’s the process?

  • A claim must be submitted within 24 hours after making the reservation with us.
  • We will conduct an investigation of the legitimacy of the other website and their pricing.
  • We will contact you within (2) business days after receiving your claim.
  • If the price is no longer available, the guarantee will not apply.

How do I submit a claim?
Please provide via email to :

  1. Your Real Journeys booking reference number
  2. Full name on itinerary
  3. Name of our experience that you have found a lower price (e.g. Milford Sound Nature Cruise)
  4. Website or mobile website address where you found the lower price
  5. Screenshot or word document that shows the lower price

I’m not sure, can I check with you before booking?
If you haven’t booked yet and would prefer to book and validate the price match with one of our friendly reservations staff, please contact us by email –

How do you compare prices?
The Best Price Guarantee is available only for the identical experience; at the exact same date of travel and departure time (e.g. Milford Sound Nature Cruise, departing from Milford at 10.30am on 1 Jan 2017).

Do I need to make a booking with you in order to submit a claim?
Yes, a booking must be made and paid in full. So book directly with Real Journeys (either via our website - or contacting our reservations team via phone, email, web chat) and then submit a claim.

What about cancellation fees for other bookings?
Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply to reservations booked through other websites. We are not responsible for any fees associated with the cancellation of reservation booked on websites other than

What do you mean by “prices advertised and available to general public”?
The other website/company must be an authorised agent of Real Journeys. We will conduct an investigation of the legitimacy of the other website. We have the final say in the legitimacy of the other website.

How do I know if my claim has been received?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation or phone call within 24 hours.

What is acceptable evidence of a lower price?
When submitting your claim, please provide details of the lower price, including the website where the lower price was found. Once you have submitted a claim, our staff will do a search to verify the validity of the lower price based on the information you supplied, subject to our Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions. If the price is no longer available, the guarantee will not apply.

How will I know if my claim has been validated?
You will be advised by email or by phone once the claim has been processed.